The ATAC group

The ATAC group was specifically created to address the challenges facing companies from start-up to multinational corporations to use the Billing and Customer Care (BACC) in an efficient manner.

The group is composed of experienced, highly trained and talented Telecommunication, Computer, and Business professionals from around the world. The ATAC group is designed to be a mobile task force that can arrive at your site, analyze the issues, design the solution and, most importantly, implement it.

The guiding principal of the ATAC group is to increase the efficient use of the BACC by developing technology to provide real return on investment.


The ATAC group can be deployed anywhere in the World within a minimum period of time. ATAC has been trained to operate in a variety of environments and conditions, but more importantly, we are qualified to analyze and provide solutions to enhance the usage of your current BACC environment.
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