• Expert team from North America, India and Europe
  • References: H3G, AT&T, Tele Danmark, Telia, Talkline, Orange, Worldport/EnerTel, E-Plus, ObjectSwitch, Ericsson, Energis and Prevuenet
  • Billing consultant for H3G on the implementation of their UMTS 3G billing system Single. View from ADC. Specialist in provisioning Tertio Provident of 3G services
  • Specializing in Internet Billing, Mobile Billing and Mediation systems
  • Projects ranging from complete design and implementation of 3G Billing and Customer Care systems, GPRS billing systems and Object Oriented Mediation System to minor resource deployment and project management.

Billing and Customer Care

  • 25 years of combined expertise in design, development, installation and operation of world class Billing and Customer Care Systems.
  • Sales force for Prime Carrier whom optimises the entire end-to-end process of the voice carrier wholesale business.
  • Fully certified by Daleen Technologies, Inc. as installation professionals.
  • Fully certified by ObjectSwitch (Kabira) as development professionals.s
  • Experience in most of today's billing products from a variety of vendors (Amdocs, Geneva, EHPT, ADC).
  • Design and implementation of the Customer Care Call Center.
  • Training of the client's existing or new staff.
  • Main focus on the use of convergent systems, incl. mediation devices to provide billing to the clients customer in a timely, accurate and meaningful manner.


  • From project management, project team to turn key responsibility.

Billing Systems

Expertise in the following areas:
  • Intec Intermediate
  • Interconnect
  • Tibco EAI
  • IP Billing and Mediation.
  • Mobile Billing and Mediation.
  • Billing Packages and Mediation Packages
  • GPRS Billing. Number Portability.
  • UML and Rational Rose.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Web Programming
  • Visual C++, CGI
  • Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SQL
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